In dit changelog worden alle commits weergegeven die per versie toegevoegd zijn. Zie het project voor meer informatie.

DvG 7.x-1.42

Changes since 7.x-1.41:

  • #3301697: Update core for SA-CORE-2022-012
  • #3301699: Update context for SA-CONTRIB-2022-049
  • #3301702: Update JQuery Update to version 4 because 3 is unsupported

DvG 7.x-1.41

Changes since 7.x-1.40:

  • #3278891: Update Link-module for sa-contrib-2022-034

DvG 7.x-1.40

Changes since 7.x-1.39:

  • #3261963: dvg_appointments ignore timezone setting: this patch had a breaking change, that is handled now so nothing breaks.

DvG 7.x-1.39

Changes since 7.x-1.38:

  • #3271611: Upgrade role_delegation for sa-contrib-2022-031
  • #3267295: DataB with one document in the response

DvG 7.x-1.38

Changes since 7.x-1.37:

  • #3265895: Update to 7.88
  • #3258618: Extend DataB-module with table view
  • #3261963: dvg_appointments ignore timezone setting

DvG 7.x-1.37

Changes since 7.x-1.36:

  • #3259500: Security updates core 7.87

DvG 7.x-1.36

Changes since 7.x-1.35:

  • #3238487: Add username_enumeration_prevention module (solved by updating core to 7.84)
  • #3256862: New version of the safety-banner script of

DvG 7.x-1.35

Changes since 7.x-1.34:

  • #3250814: Using an apostrophe in section titles is rendered as '

DvG 7.x-1.34

Changes since 7.x-1.33:

  • #3231931: Sections are not correctly handled on node import/export

DvG 7.x-1.33

Changes since 7.x-1.32:

  • #3227542: Variable Payment message suffix is not multilingual
  • #3227506: WCAG 2.5.3: Label in Name. Fix close button for crisis banner
  • #3231896: Update dvg_appointments for problem with JCC appointments module

DvG 7.x-1.32

Changes since 7.x-1.31:

  • #3223949: Hidden row weights on conditional fields cause error
  • #3216854: Crisis banner that is restricted to a specific page is displayed on other pages too
  • #3221832: Functional content not correctly declared
  • #3224831: Drupal core 7.82 update (sa-core-2021-004)

DvG 7.x-1.31

Changes since 7.x-1.30:

  • #3216181: Update CKeditor after sa-core-2021-003
  • #3215796: Encrypted files with language selection in url will not open
  • #3214542: Don't exclude external link in search index

DvG 7.x-1.30

Changes since 7.x-1.29:

  • #3210127: Security update sa-core-2021-002
  • #3206405: Add more tags to filtered text input format to create accessible tables
  • #3194900: Crisisbanner visibility issues

DvG 7.x-1.29

Changes since 7.x-1.28:

  • #3189795: The “close” button in the crisis banner is not a valid link.
  • #3193870: Update core for SA-CORE-2021-001

DvG 7.x-1.28

Changes since 7.x-1.27:

  • #3184921: Update core to 7.75 for SA-CORE-2020-013

DvG 7.x-1.27

Changes since 7.x-1.26:

  • #3183291: Update core for sa-core-2020-012
  • #3181655: Add aria-atomic to autocomplete

DvG 7.x-1.26

Changes since 7.x-1.24:

  • #3165027: Update dvg_webform_components to 1.2
  • #3171459: Update Drupal core to 7.73 for security update sa-core-2020-007

DvG 7.x-1.24

Changes since 7.x-1.23:

  • Security update: #3152752: Security updates 17-06-2020

DvG 7.x-1.23

Changes since 7.x-1.22:

  • #3145246: dvg_webform_components international phone number validation dvg_webform_components updated to 1.1 and Drupal to 7.71

DvG 7.x-1.22

Changes since 7.x-1.21:

  • #3124740: Access check testdata is broken
  • #3138765: Update Drupal core to 7.70 for security update sa-core-2020-003

DvG 7.x-1.21

Changes since 7.x-1.20:

  • #3120750: Update CKeditor for SA-CONTRIB-2020-007

DvG 7.x-1.20

Changes since 7.x-1.19:

  • #3098100: Remove invalid font-size CSS by bskibinski
  • #3085812: Piwik settings not migrated when domains is enabled by JoshaHubbers, TVoesenek
  • #3096876: dvg_datab outputs <h2><none></h2> by ezkvo
  • #3102102: Update core to 7.69 for SA-CORE-2019-012 by paulvandenburg
  • #3102395: Users with permission administer texts can also administer testdata by JoshaHubbers
  • #3110394: Sections cannot be emptied by JoshaHubbers

DvG 7.x-1.19

Changes since 7.x-1.18:

  • #3099018: Fix the “isDefault” attributes for Update the SimpleSAMLphp to 1.18.2. by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek
  • #3100526: Update Webform (SA-CONTRIB-2019-096) by JoshaHubbers

DvG 7.x-1.18

Changes since 7.x-1.17:

  • #3095553: Update Administration Views for SA-CONTRIB-2019-076 by JoshaHubbersUpdate Administration Views for SA-CONTRIB-2019-076

DvG 7.x-1.17

Changes since 7.x-1.16:

  • #3089916 by paulvandenburg: Fix redirect issue where the update hook fails forever if a status field is already present
  • #3092782 by TVoesenek, paulvandenburg: Deprecations since simplesamlphp 1.17.x
  • #3092782 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Deprecations since simplesamlphp 1.17.x
  • #3092452 by paulvandenburg: Critical SimpleSAMLphp security release 2019-11-06
  • #3091350 by JoshaHubbers: dvg_webform_component_collections access callback ignores other access callbacks
  • #3085424 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Update file_entity to 2.26
  • #3090124 by TVoesenek: Topical items are sorted in reverse
  • #3090105 by JoshaHubbers: dvg_domain_prefix module should create new table from scheme
  • #3090069 by paulvandenburg: More inconsistencies with functional_content variable prefixes
  • #3087730 by TVoesenek, paulvandenburg: Dvg Appointments - option to cancel appointments with a direct link

DvG 7.x-1.16

Changes since 7.x-1.15:

  • #3085301: Update Localization update for sa-contrib-2019-072 by JoshaHubbers: Update Localization update for sa-contrib-2019-072
  • #3084220: Add Adminimal theme patch to fix tabledrag icons by ezkvo, bskibinski: Add Adminimal theme patch to fix tabledrag icons

DvG 7.x-1.15

Changes since 7.x-1.14:

  • #3081108 by TVoesenek, JoshaHubbers: Functional Content breaks drush registry-rebuild
  • #3083553 by paulvandenburg: Renamed permissions for scheduling of nodes
  • #2980949 by JoshaHubbers: Piwik migration to Matomo

DvG 7.x-1.14

Changes since 7.x-1.13:

  • Issue #3081108: Functional Content breaks drush registry-rebuild by TVoesenek, JoshaHubbers: Functional Content breaks drush registry-rebuild
  • Issue #3080857: Use correct (latest) version of Inline Form Errors by TVoesenek: Use correct (latest) version of Inline Form Errors

DvG 7.x-1.13

Changes since 7.x-1.12:

  • Update dvg_stuf_bg to 1.1
  • Update dvg_authentication to 1.2
  • Update dvg_appointments to 1.1
  • #3074241 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Add changing of appointments to dvg_appointments
  • #3080522 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: PDO exception after module upgrades
  • #3079682 by paulvandenburg: Add dvg_authentication patch from grouped SAML services
  • #3079633 by JoshaHubbers: DvG logger notice
  • #3069919 by JoshaHubbers, paulvandenburg: minor module updates
  • #3079201 by TVoesenek: Incorrect token for birthdate used in dvg_authentication_age_verification
  • #3073820 by TVoesenek: DvG Authentication - Autologout bar “minute(s)” and “second(s)” are not translated
  • #3073537 by TVoesenek: Patch DvG StUF-BG to rename kvk_vestigings_nummer to kvk_department_number
  • #3074220 by TVoesenek: Notices in dvg_appointments when using a rest client
  • #3071964 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Add hook to alter the DvG Status screen and make status message consistent
  • #3068647 by paulvandenburg: Update diff module for PHP7.2 compatibility
  • #3071590 by paulvandenburg: Add dvg_appointments patch to prevent caching of error responses
  • #3071096 by TVoesenek: DvG webform payments asynchronous callbacks are broken
  • #3065392 by JoshaHubbers: Search results with Webform Collection break the search results page
  • #3068657 by JoshaHubbers: dvg_domains variable is not initialized clean in foreach loop
  • #3068164 by TVoesenek: DvG StUF BG add sub.correspondentieAdres for Centric client
  • #3066890 by JoshaHubbers: Recreate ct_webform feature to allow default from name and address
  • #3068609 by JoshaHubbers: Update Imagecache Actions (SA-CONTRIB-2019-056)
  • #3063264 by paulvandenburg: Include the dvg_authentication warning for KPN specific requirements
  • #3062772 by JoshaHubbers: Update WYSIWYG feature for new linkit version
  • #3062433 by JoshaHubbers: Adding link to media item fails
  • #3061553 by TVoesenek: PHP 7.1 compatibility issue with the Date module
  • #3059858 by TVoesenek, paulvandenburg, Danny.Wouters: Add Webform age check to DvG

DvG 7.x-1.12

Changes since 7.x-1.11:

  • #3059046 by paulvandenburg: Update uuid to 1.3 for security fix
  • #3059084 by paulvandenburg: Sort make file projects alphabetically
  • #3059077 by paulvandenburg: Update dvg_webform_component_collections to 1.0
  • #3059076 by paulvandenburg: Update dvg_webform_components to 1.0
  • #3059067 by paulvandenburg: Update dvg_authentication to 1.1
  • #3059066 by paulvandenburg: Update dvg_stuf_bg to 1.0
  • #3057815 by TVoesenek: Patch dvg_stuf_bg to add address tokens without html codes
  • #3057320 by paulvandenburg: Add dvg_webform_component_collections patch for placement and unique form key for of added components
  • #3057617 by TVoesenek: DvG Address component not rendered when Inline Form Errors is enabled
  • #3056655 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Patch dvg_stuf_bg to add fallback options for address tokens
  • #3053404 by JoshaHubbers: Add CSV to the allowed filetypes
  • #3054600 by Danny.Wouters: Image properties are no longer visible in CKeditor
  • #3053592 by JoshaHubbers: Security update (third party libraries) SA-CORE-2019-007
  • #3053657 by bskibinski: Remove invisible H2 from embedded files
  • #3052440 by paulvandenburg: Replace dvg_digid by dvg_authentication
  • #3051727 by JoshaHubbers: Fea to give supereditor access to minute increments in time components
  • #3051898 by JoshaHubbers: PHP 7.2 notice count() in WFM
  • #3050966 by paulvandenburg: Notice on file_entity_edit_alter in dvg_voc_file_category when the form does not define a #entity

DvG 7.x-1.11

Changes since 7.x-1.10:

  • Update dvg_appointments to 7.x-1.0
  • #3047090 by Danny.Wouters, JoshaHubbers, TVoesenek: Content Type: Task feature overridden
  • #3050437 by JoshaHubbers: Content type: Event overridden
  • #3047337 by JoshaHubbers, paulvandenburg: Dvg_appointments: Notice on confirmation page
  • #3046545 by Danny.Wouters: Update hook to re-encrypt files with OpenSSL
  • #3049131 by paulvandenburg: Add dvg_appointments patch to hide show more button if there are no more options
  • #3049034 by JoshaHubbers: Security update SA-CORE-2019-006
  • #3046603 by paulvandenburg: Add dvg_webform_components patches for stopform improvements and international phone numbers
  • #3046062 by paulvandenburg: Call all form submit handlers after payment finish in dvg_payment_webform
  • #3045766 by paulvandenburg: Separate digid logins in dvg_logger login log
  • #2940573 by paulvandenburg, Heine, JoshaHubbers: Monitor account changes / login
  • #3046088 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Remove left over traces of webform_appointment module
  • #3045584 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Show dvg_logger messages in list
  • #3047373 by paulvandenburg: Update node_export for php 7.2 support and various bug fixes
  • #3046865 by paulvandenburg: Update IFE module and add patch for default global enable setting
  • #3044899 by paulvandenburg: Add dvg_appointments fix for when the locations feature is not used
  • Fix short array syntax in dvg_logger from #2930491

DvG 7.x-1.10

Changes since 7.x-1.9:

  • #3042034 by paulvandenburg: Update simplesamlphp library
  • #3031027 by JoshaHubbers, paulvandenburg, JohanKleene: Webform: 'enter' on any element displays date-popup
  • #3016143 by paulvandenburg: Add webform patch 2810913
  • #3042004 by paulvandenburg: Core update SA-CORE-2019-004
  • #2988323 by paulvandenburg,, Danny.Wouters: Make Dvg compatible on PHP 7.2
  • #3040519 by paulvandenburg: Menu aggregation pages are too open
  • #3012242 by ralphvdhoudt, JohanKleene, paulvandenburg: Add events rss feed
  • #2869716 by TVoesenek, JohanKleene: Default stopwords list for the search
  • #2998512 by ruudvanoijen, JoshaHubbers, paulvandenburg: Domain Access update to 3.16
  • #3040077 by JoshaHubbers: Update views for SA-CONTRIB-2019-034 SA-CONTRIB-2019-035 SA-CONTRIB-2019-036
  • #3004091 by TVoesenek, ralphvdhoudt: Missing required attributes in SAML 2.0 SP Metadata
  • #3031025 by JoshaHubbers, paulvandenburg: Add location component to DvG Appointments
  • #3030665 by JoshaHubbers, paulvandenburg: Functional content: Domains support with entityreference_autocomplete
  • #3025753 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: Patch domain_traversal to support destination in the traversal link
  • #3035858 by ralphvdhoudt, paulvandenburg: Change default encryption method from mcrypt to openssl
  • #3034409 by JoshaHubbers: Radio buttons required marker done right
  • #3036335 by JoshaHubbers: Update context for SA-CONTRIB-2019-028
  • #2937691 by Danny.Wouters: Assign the CSV mime type to dvg_document file type
  • #2924924 by ruudvanoijen: dvg ct webform encrypt value can be unset
  • #3014709 by paulvandenburg: Include domain_entity patch to fix a SQL exception when using features
  • #2930491 by Danny.Wouters, askibinski, paulvandenburg, Heine, JoshaHubbers: Extend dvg_logger so it can be used a custom logger for encrypted data
  • #2998977 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: Patch xmlsitemap for undefined constant warning
  • #2990193 by TVoesenek, JoshaHubbers: Update field_group to 7.x-1.6
  • #3034551 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: SA-CORE-2019-003 update + Core 7.64 update
  • #3021984 by paulvandenburg: Update dvg_appointments to new rc1 version
  • #3026233 by JoshaHubbers, , bskibinski: Media CKEditor update after CKEditor UPDATE
  • #3032725 by idebr: Remove *.orig files
  • #3032722 by idebr, paulvandenburg: drupal-org.make: replace subdir configuration per project with a default subdir
  • #3033889 by paulvandenburg, bskibinski: Fix deselecting of filters in payment view
  • #3034088 by Megha_kundar, GGH: dvg_popup_config not removed on uninstall

DvG 7.x-1.9

This security release contains 2 security updates for contrib modules (Link & Context) and contains a security fix for the dvg_domains module. You should update ASAP or apply the related patches to remain safe.

Changes since 7.x-1.8:

Fix access bypass for admin pages when using DvG Domains

  • #3036335 by JoshaHubbers: Update context for SA-CONTRIB-2019-028
  • #3034551 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: SA-CORE-2019-003 update + Core 7.64 update

DvG 7.x-1.8

Changes since 7.x-1.7:

  • #3025972 by ralphvdhoudt, paulvandenburg: Add dvg_stuf_bg patch to allow altering of wsdl and method
  • #3024687 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: DvG Domain Prefix causes errors in combination with hook_domain_cron
  • #3026482 by JoshaHubbers: Update core to 7.63 (SA-CORE-2019-002)
  • #3025315 by TVoesenek: Incorrect allowed file type for attachments on CT Plan
  • #3024947 by JoshaHubbers: Menu ordering is not saved with more than 100 items
  • #3024528 by paulvandenburg: Update CKEditor to latest version
  • #2956668 by Link module should also accept tel: as an external link
  • #3023859 by TVoesenek, paulvandenburg: Add payment description to Ogone/Ingenico payments
  • #3021706 by paulvandenburg: Add appointments patch for domain compatibility
  • #3021449 by paulvandenburg, TVoesenek: Add patches for appointments and stuf_bg to remove privacy sensitive info from logs
  • #3020500 by TVoesenek: Inconsistent tab labeling on node edit form for CT Event
  • #3019684 by Danny.Wouters: Make radio buttons visually required in webforms
  • #3013641 by pepijn-ezcompany: Add media_ckeditor module patch for translatable Add media label
  • #3013642 by pepijn-ezcompany: Add node_export module patch
  • #3013658 by paulvandenburg, pepijn-ezcompany: Add webform module patches for stricter submission access and auto uppercase textfields
  • #3013654 by pepijn-ezcompany: Add Ogone module patch for dynamic templates
  • #2930716 by paulvandenburg, Danny.Wouters: Webform patch to exclude empty components
  • #3013657 by pepijn-ezcompany: Add token_insert module patch to fix dynamic tokens
  • #3015265 by pepijn-ezcompany: Add dvg_appointments patches

DvG 7.x-1.7

Changes since 7.x-1.6:

  • #3007657 by paulvandenburg: Notice when there is no default payment method selected
  • #2988323 by, paulvandenburg, Danny.Wouters: Make Dvg compatible on PHP 7.2
  • #3007507 by JoshaHubbers: Update sa-core-2018-006 amd MimeMail
  • #2958391 by JoshaHubbers: Webform submission:values renders as plain text on confirmation page
  • #2930114 by JoshaHubbers: Diff Field label is not translated
  • #3004572 by ruudvanoijen: Empty name attribute on the search button
  • #3003834 by ruudvanoijen: Added menu filter for dvg_admin_views
  • #3003444 by ruudvanoijen: Getting a $.browser undefined
  • #3000768 by Tom Voesenek: Update SimpleSAMLPHP to 1.16.1
  • #3001531 by paulvandenburg: Update dvg_webform_components to include bugfix patches
  • #2998504 by paulvandenburg: Update appointments to include the #2981499 and #2915222 fixes
  • #3000464 by Danny.Wouters, paulvandenburg, ruudvanoijen: Root user cannot clone nodes from other domains
  • #2998502 by ruudvanoijen: Update taxonomy_access_fix to 2.4
  • #2989434 by paulvandenburg: Use node_clone module instead of clone
  • #2997676 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: Update XMLsitemap to 2.5
  • #2997201 by ruudvanoijen: Payment amount hasn't changed
  • #2997093 by JoshaHubbers: URL Veiligheidsregio MWB wijziging
  • #2996931 by ruudvanoijen: dvg_domains_node_access should always return access

DvG 7.x-1.6

Changes since 7.x-1.3

  • #2992992 by paulvandenburg: Crisis blog don't let robots index crisis page without patching core robots.txt
  • Fix broken media patch from #2971035
  • #2992264 by Tom Voesenek: Add hook to alter the dvg_payment_webform amount
  • #2988116 by paulvandenburg: Security update for XML sitemap
  • #2987836 by Add validation to dvg_webform_components to validate that Predefined list of cities is required when Predefined list is selected for City options
  • #2985016 by The empty p-tag exists before and after the div-wrapper for media embedded links
  • #2952879 by askibinski: Support simplesamlphp namespaces in dvg_digid
  • #2957071 by askibinski: Simplesamlphp patch to support 'index' and 'isDefault' attributes in AttributeConsumingService element
  • #2991117 by paulvandenburg: Add hook for acting on webform payment completion
  • #2990846 by paulvandenburg: dvg_ct_webform can't cleanly handle mail attachments without uri
  • #2989058 by ruudvanoijen: DvG Domains feature better check for own permission
  • #2988114 by paulvandenburg: Make overridden features on dvg status page links to the feature
  • #2971035 by paulvandenburg: Update Media to 7.x-2.19
  • #2984110 by JoshaHubbers: UUID update
  • #2983009 by ruudvanoijen: Check for digid variable
  • #2976853 by paulvandenburg: Crisis blog without abusing HTTP status codes
  • #2926766 by ruudvanoijen, paulvandenburg: Dvg Piwik
  • #2972318 by paulvandenburg: Password policy expiration isn't working
  • #2973622 by paulvandenburg: Disappearing domain entities
  • #2955573 by paulvandenburg, JoshaHubbers: Fea for number and autocomplete field
  • #2846240 by Tom Voesenek, Danny.Wouters: Filter domain-specific content on crisis dashboard with domains
  • #2956337 by paulvandenburg: DvG Domain default permissions alter is too greedy
  • #2954595 by paulvandenburg: Add token_insert patch to fix issue with more than 1 ckeditor field
  • #2932608 by JoshaHubbers: Alt text for rss icon of news feed is incomplete
  • #2932086 by askibinski, paulvandenburg: Payment needs a patch for MySQL 5.7 compatibility
  • Fix non applying payment patch after module update in issue 2912304
  • #2930211 by JoshaHubbers: Highlight image max 2000×2000 px
  • #2912304 by Danny.Wouters: Update payment module in installation profile
  • #2927729 by Danny.Wouters: Redirect with alias on different domain
  • #2925537 by JoshaHubbers: Media pdf-icon not shown in editor
  • #2921199 by ruudvanoijen: Scrambled file category type view
  • #2966041 by askibinski: Security update DRUPAL-PSA-2018-004
  • #2966127 by askibinski, JoshaHubbers: Security update Media
  • #2935362 by JoshaHubbers: Product catalog xml: unknown entity
  • #2922538 by askibinski: Missing token_filter module + filter order
  • #2924376 by Danny.Wouters, ruudvanoijen: Remove ckeditor settings that break Image properties
  • #2926827 by ruudvanoijen, JoshaHubbers: Image style set's fixed width and height on img tags

DvG 7.x-1.3

Security release.

Changes since 7.x-1.2:

  • #2955490 by askibinski: Security update DRUPAL-PSA-2018-001
  • #2944019 by askibinski: Update SimpleSAMLPHP to 1.15.4
  • #2948624 by Danny.Wouters: Security updates: Drupal Core + entity module
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